We provide a service for all clients and cover all European and international sales, and private sales.

Our main market for sourcing horses is at the yearling sales, mainly in Europe - auction houses such as Tattersalls, Arqana, Goffs and BBAG. Sam is in attendance of all these sales and would welcome any new client, should they wish for advice when purchasing.



Sam's main strength within this industry is his knowledge of the sport as a whole, from buying the horses to getting them to the track and picking the right races for them.

"There is a lot of back end work that goes into this and it is my aim to provide my client with less stress and more enjoyment from owning horses." - Sam Sangster



"The one thing I learnt more than anything in Australia is that Syndicates are the key to the strength of the racing industry." - Sam Sangster

We have a lot of success with our syndicates horses with a very diverse range of offerings, horses such as Faithful Creek took our clients to the glamorous courses of Ascot, Deauville, Santa Anita and Meydan, where as Manton Thoroughbreds set up strictly for trading horses returned over 2 times the investors monies.

People have different ideas of what they want from racing and it is important to place them within the right company of like minded partners. Please see our Syndicate page for what we have on offer.